The Gypsy Stylings of Inara

I’m not much of a fashionista, and I definitely don’t regularly blog about fashion.

But as I re-watch the Firefly series, that space Western from a decade or so ago, and I can’t help but envy Inara’s costumes.  Morena Baccarin plays Inara, an exotic looking beauty who has contracted a shuttle on the Serenity to carry out her business as a “companion.”  (In the scope of this show, a companion is like an Oiran, or courtesan of sorts.  Although she sells her company and body to men, the position of companion is considered an occupation and carries a certain amount of prestige.

As such, Inara is always lavishly clothed, her skin and make-up fairly flawless.  Likewise, her chambers are draped in rich colored swaths of fabric, candle lit and inviting.  While her outfits range from exotic to Victorian-looking, her look and style can best be described as “Gypsy,*” or belly dancer.  Many of her outfits are midriff bearing and elaborately beaded or otherwise embellished, and whether they are simple or ornate, they are always gorgeous.




images (1)

There’s one I’d particularly like to get my hands on, although… I have no idea where I’d wear it.  Especially the head piece and veil.




Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to look like her either. 😉

*(I use the term “Gypsy,” rather than the preferred term, Romani, because I can’t speak for the amount of ethnic authenticity versus stereotype.  Besides, as this series is set in the 26th century, where Earth no longer exists, both terms would be obsolete.)