Some haiku about being a “Husky mom”

No individual titles, just poetry…¬† Think of them as haiku verses in a giant single poem. ūüėČ


I love writing silly haiku. It’s more fun than trying to be serious. XD


I wake up to hair.

In the kitchen I stand and

Sticky roll my pants.


Malachi © alienredqueen

No, you can’t have this.

No… Stop talking back to me

Complaining won’t help.



© alienredqueen

Oh, here’s some dog hair.

I wear my dog everywhere*

Dog hair in my bra.


Malachi © alienredqueen

Time to brush the dog

I put the hair in a pile

Look, another dog.


© alienredqueen

He digs in the snow

And flips it over his head.

But doesn’t like rain.


Malachi ©  alienredqueen


*¬† I wasn’t sure if “every” was 2 or 3 syllables.¬† I did some quick Googling and apparently most dictionaries list it as two.




Monday Morning Haiku (In the Evening)

Recently, in a bizarre turn of events, and through no fault of my own (this time at least, lol) I lost a close friend. ¬†She just dropped out of my life. ¬†Repeated attempts to contact her and find out why have been ignored. ¬†I have texted, called, and emailed. ¬†I could¬†drop by her house, but it seems too confrontational. ¬†At any rate, some of my stuff is there and I may have to at some point anyway if she continues to ignore me. ¬†I have my suspicions her on again/off again asshat boyfriend has something to do with this. ¬†That is not to say she still isn’t responsible for not standing up to him if he has in fact issued her an ultimatum. ¬†I am angry and hurt and I go back and forth and sometimes am both at the same time, and it doesn’t help that I¬†see¬†her everyday when I pick my child up from school. She is always conveniently looking the other way, engrossed in some task . ¬†Anyway, it has occurred to me on more than one occasion that I feel like a jilted lover. ¬†Like I was¬†dumped,¬†without the courtesy of even a “fuck you” text. ¬†It has occurred to me that we grieve all sorts of relationships, and not just after a death. ¬†On that note,¬†(which no doubt makes this haiku less ascerbic and more sad)…


The Stages of Grief part 1

The stages of grief

Are not really a straight line.

More like a zig zag


The Stages of Grief part 2

First I was confused.

Then I was angry, then sad.

Now I’m pissed again.




Photo credit Lucia Merino

IS it Monday? It Feels Like Monday

Which means even though it’s technically the afternoon, it’s the perfect time¬†for some Monday Morning Haiku.

I call this one FMM (For “Fuck My Monday”)


Car got a flat tire.

Dog crap frozen to the ground.

Car is still broken.



Black Gold

The dog is too fat

Sneaks and eats the cat’s food too.

At least there’s coffee

Monday Mid Day Haiku (a day late)

Some of my regular readers know I like using everyday experiences and stupid shit I think about as material for haiku. ¬†Enjoy. ūüėČ

Driving in the rain

Hey Dumbass, slow Down.
It’s raining, the roads are wet,
You drive a box truck.


Lemon piece of shit
I’ve only made three payments
Don’t you know I’m poor?

Dopey Dog

Slurping your water
I’ve never met a dog¬†who
Chokes on his water



Monday Brunch Poetry

Hey, everybody; faithful bloggers, friends,…Andrew… ¬† I decided it’s time for the next installment of Monday Morning (er, afternoon) Poetry. ¬†Some more fun Haiku… because it’s a very low-pressure kind of project.


Monday Morning

Monday morning comes

Too Soon.  I need my coffee.

Drugs would be better.


Sleep Deprived (part 1)

Aren’t you sleepy yet?

Rock-a-bye baby, slumber…

Go the fuck to sleep.


Sleep Deprived (part 2)

Four o’clock A.M.

It’s a good thing you’re so cute.

Is it nap time yet?