“I’m Having an Emotion”

Feeling rather frustrated today.  It’s really pretty outside, and nothing is awful, per se, so I feel a little weird complaining.

But I’m gonna, because, well, if you can’t complain about shit you can’t change, what can you do? (Hardy Har)

Since tapering off the steroid, my hives are back, along with the acid reflux my Singulair is giving me, magnified.  Today, the acid is creeping into my throat and making my neck and tongue tingle and hurt as well.   I had a pulmonary function test this week, and was surprised to discover that aside from my “asthmatic episodes,” I actually have a slightly better than normal lung capacity.  So…yay me, I guess.  But I feel like shit today.

Then there’s the training job I was passed over for…after MUCH work and, apparently, much miscommunication…of the sort where apparently the business development manager from NJ, who I have been collaborating with all along, thought something I was supposed to do a certain way, and I neglected to pull the details of that “something”  out if thin air with my telepathic powers of omniscience.  Mind you, this is the second time he has been disappointed in me already, for failing to know I should do something in a way he never told me to do it.  Already, I am so disappointing and he has never met me.

So after telling me, via e-mail, that he gave the local position to someone who could offer more classes, he also gently chided me for failing to kiss ass  read his mind again take the initiative…yes, that’s it, to go in and meet the new local manager before I even secured the job in question.  And then… wait for it…he offered me the possibility of a position in a store farther away.

Now, set my own personal disappointment aside, I have just also officially learned that DH was passed over for promotion at his job…AGAIN… for some one LESS qualified…AGAIN. Because he doesn’t kiss the right ass or he isn’t related to the right people.  Yes, this is actually how it works at his job and no one really does anything about it, for fear of losing their job if they speak up.  And all this favoritism never seems to bite management in the ass either, because there is always someone who has to clean up the mess (my husband, for instance) that  the “teacher’s pets” have made.

Sorry.  I know I am grumbly, but I am feeling very jaded today.  In fact, I think I will delve into my growing folder of JPEGs and GIFs saved specifically for hard to express emotions to illustrate how I am feeling.

First:  we’ll call this one shock/numb incredulity.

What? What?! Seriously?

What? What?! Seriously?

Next comes the visceral gut response.  Seething fury and frustration.

Usually accompanied by flagrant use of profanity and/or hard liquor.

Usually accompanied by flagrant use of profanity and/or hard liquor.

And finally, and this is the longest phase, most likely continuing even after “acceptance…”  And that is abject disgust:

No one does

No one does “disgust” better than Prince.

images (3)

So, if I accomplished nothing else by complaining on the bloggie today, at least I will have given you the gift of GIF.  (Baddum bum!)

Live and Help Live

(alternate title) “A Quick Word on Being a Self-righteous Prick Who Judges Others”


Um, no.


Some people would argue these ^ are the jobs for “teenagers,” but these are the people that are NEVER happy– you’re lazy and mooching if you don’t HAVE a job. You need a “better” job if you bust your ass at a low-paying job but still need assistance. They’re pissed about minimum wage being raised because of how it might effect THEM.
To these people (and ESPECIALLY the BUSINESSES guilty of the following crappy practice–>), I would say we wouldn’t need to raise minimum wage if companies like McDonald’s would give their senior (longtime) workers (who have been there many years and DO have families to support) appropriate RAISES to reward them for their loyal and good work. Just saying. Because these are the people who need to make more than minimum wage, not the teenagers who just started jobs that will likely quit (or get fired) in a couple of months when something better comes along.

Additionally, I wish people would stop being so shitty to one another.

The End.