Live and Help Live

(alternate title) “A Quick Word on Being a Self-righteous Prick Who Judges Others”


Um, no.


Some people would argue these ^ are the jobs for “teenagers,” but these are the people that are NEVER happy– you’re lazy and mooching if you don’t HAVE a job. You need a “better” job if you bust your ass at a low-paying job but still need assistance. They’re pissed about minimum wage being raised because of how it might effect THEM.
To these people (and ESPECIALLY the BUSINESSES guilty of the following crappy practice–>), I would say we wouldn’t need to raise minimum wage if companies like McDonald’s would give their senior (longtime) workers (who have been there many years and DO have families to support) appropriate RAISES to reward them for their loyal and good work. Just saying. Because these are the people who need to make more than minimum wage, not the teenagers who just started jobs that will likely quit (or get fired) in a couple of months when something better comes along.

Additionally, I wish people would stop being so shitty to one another.

The End.