Too Much Sex?

Surely, you jest.

I came (no pun intended) across this article,

“21 People Confess The Problems With Having Too Much Sex,”

in my Facebook newsfeed earlier today, and thought it was pretty goofy.  Some of these statements are funny.  Some are just sad.  But none of them should be taken seriously, (although I’m 100% sure some of these people were serious when they said these things…)  But I thought it might be fun and different to answer some of these “confessions” with my own thoughts on the subject, also not to be taken too seriously…  Especially given the fact that I routinely tease hubby about what his buddies at work would say if he complained to them that he has to have too much sex.

SO without further ado…

“Whisper ” confessions about sex…



Does your girlfriend know this?  Because you might want to give her a chance to be on top once in a while.  Just sayin’.



Gonna make it hard to figure out who gave you that raging case of syphillis…



Here’s what you do; this is an easy fix, and your sex life will thank you as well as which ever one of you washes the sheets.  Get a towel, and you can get them over-sized, to lay down on the bed.  We have one…”the sexy-time towel,” and we only need to wash that most times. *wink*



This is not a problem. Seriously… Just tell your s/o you’re in the mood to play Call of Duty, or whatever, with him.  Just this once, he may actually not be too disappointed.  But don’t take it personally.



I get it.  I know it sounds like a double standard, but given the generally agreed to stereotype that men are slavering beasts who always want sex, and once you get married, the husband practically has to beg for it, when a husband complains about too much sex, us women find it a bit insulting at the very least, and in some cases, even highly suspect.





In all seriousness, it doesn’t sound like sex is your problem. Communication is.  And if all else fails, nothing kills the mood like the loud and ernest declaration that “my junk is raw!”



We wish you were too.  Lame.



Uh…you are doing it wrong…



You should tell that to your potential employers at all of your interviews. They’ll appreciate your candor and you’ll be a shoe-in for that job.



I’m sure he’d love to hear that.  Go ahead and tell him.  You may shortly be off the hook, because he’ll probably never get a hard-on again if his only option is pity sex.

What are your thoughts on these sex confessions?  Do you have any “dirty little secrets” of your own?   I’m sure we all do, really.  I do.  But you’ll never see them online, that’s for damn sure.  Happy reading, all!