This Old Man, He Played One…

Oh, yeah, you guessed it.  Another Senile Stalker* moment.  Luckily (for me,) this time I wasn’t the victim of his witless and persistent advances this time.  It was poor Marie.**  There he was early one afternoon, camped out in her easy chair, (overstaying his welcome as usual I’m sure,) when he made one of his usual self-deluded and disgusting remarks.  Despite the fact that Marie is actually “too old” to technically be his type (even though she is still, like, 30 years younger than his doddering old ass,) he has made insinuating remarks to her before, and even tried to give her a shoulder massage once (too her utter horror,) and she has told him before that it’s not gonna happen.  But if you read any of my other posts on The Stalker (linked below,) you know by now she’s pretty much the only person in the complex who will still talk to his dumb ass.

So he busts out with something like, “You know you want some of this.”

She says in what I imagine is much like the voice you’d use with a small child, “R****, no.”

Not to be deterred by anything so piddly as a damsel’s rejection, he gets up and proceeds to take his hat and jacket off.  He tries to lean over her on the couch to kiss her, (around which time I believe she tells him no for a second time.  He tries to pull the blanket she has off her lap.  I don’t know the timing exactly but I know she told him no a total of three times, and he was only deterred when she reached for his cane, intending to whack him a good one on the knees and bring him down.  He plunked back down in his seat, but Marie told him to hit the road.

She was so upset.  Apparently, she called the (aforementioned in another article) maintenance guy and he talked to her until she calmed down.

I told her not to let him back into her apartment again…ever.  And she didn’t plan on it.  If he was any younger or any healthier, she could have been in big trouble.

He knocked on her door the other day and she thought it was me and told him to come in.  He tried to apologize for “pushing himself” on her, but she pretty much brushed his apology off and told him to take the CDs he’d loaned her a while back and give her the stuff she had previously loaned him.  Basically a “take your shit and get out.”

Glenn Quagmire

“Take your cane and giggity-git the fuck out!”

Oh, what will happen next?  I knew the saga wasn’t over yet.

On another note, Marie and I believe he’s been driving his vehicle (when he’s not loaning it to whores, that is.)  He hasn’t had a license for a while.  I don’t want to cause trouble, but I sort of feel like maybe I should report him; I’d feel terrible if he caused an accident and hurt someone.  Opinions?