‘Graphic’: New Project

Business (the dog traning one, anyway) has been slow…reeeeally slow…lately.  My kid has summer camp during the days.  At least the lack of client appointments lately does leave me time to pursue my other hobbies and endeavors, namely art.

I have been drawing a bit more, some brainstorming for my impending date with my tattoo artist, and even have had some requests for some pet portraits.

Last night a friend saw some of my newer art and proposed we do a graphic novel together.  It would be a huge undertaking, especially given we live several states apart.  I have always been sort of skeptical of my ability to draw effectively in that style…so I toyed around with some pencil, pen, and marker tonight for a bit.  This is what I ended up with…


The Art Project: The “Other Half”

The male phase of “The Art Project…”  This was the first attempt, and I am pretty pleased with it.  I messed up the left hand but I am hoping to still be able to use this one.  I still having gotten a final product for the female with which both I and my friend who commissioned this project are happy.

© alienrequeen

© alienrequeen