The term “cancel culture” can die now.

Apparently the right’s big strategy for the 2024 election is going to be Dr Seuss, Mr Potato Head, and voter suppression. The worst part is, lately people are simple and petty enough that it might work.Now I’m seeing conservatives post things about Aunt Jemima and how “liberal bedwetters” are taking away her legacy or something because product packaging is changing. Tell me a single conservative knew a god DAMNED thing about this woman or gave a damn about her until, the company decided to take her face off the product. The story about the Aunt Jemima character is mostly fiction, by the way. Now that they can use it as something to piss and moan and blame liberals about, suddenly they care about this long dead, black woman’s legacy? All the while still making excuses for why it’s not a problem black people are still getting shot by cops every other week. This whole thing is getting ridiculous, but the WORST part of this whole thing is watching these whiny ass Republicans that have been canceling people who didn’t toe their line for years, but suddenly have a problem with cancel culture when it suits their need to fire up their base. Remember when Sinead O’Connor got canceled because she ripped up a Bible on stage? Remember the Dixie Chicks got a little too political and the Republicans made sure they got canceled too.But apparently canceling people for making racist remarks or getting caught having been sexually inappropriate to somebody is too much for them. Remember Kaepernick? I know you remember him because half of you were bitching and moaning about it yourselves, like him kneeling for the national anthem was the literal end of the world, and worth ruining his whole career over. But now y’all are butt hurt about cancel culture? I say this with every fiber of my soul, and without a shred of doubt…go fuck yourself.

“Oh no, liberals are trying to cancel dogs!”

Republicans Be Like…

Modern Conservative Republicans be like:
“You can’t judge all gun owners by the actions of a few bad.”
They  also be like:
“You can’t let those Syrian refugees in here! One might be a terrorist!”
And like: 

“We can’t take any more immigrants, one might be member of a drug gang!”

Trump’s Republicans be like:  Six people died from vaping, so we need to outlaw flavors.

They  also be like:  “How dare Michelle Obama try to force healthy school lunches on our kids?” and “You can’t outlaw Super Big Gulps and cigarettes!  It’s our choice if we wanna risk getting cancer or getting fat!”

Modern Republicans be like:  “You can’t ban guns! Ban’s don’t work! Just look  at the ‘war on drugs!'”  and “Criminals don’t follow laws,”
But then:  “We need to ban abortion to protect the unborn babies!
And THEN: “If they outlaw guns, I’ll become an outlaw!”
And also like: : “If they don’t want to lose their kids or see them in cases they shouldn’t have broke the law”
And like:  “Sanctity of life!”
But also like: “Why didn’t he do what the officer said?!”
Modern Republicans be like: “Any guns we want in any volume is our second Amendment right!”

But also: “A woman gives up the right to privacy and to make decisions to her own body (14th Amendment)  when she gets pregnant!”
And: “OUR Freedom of Religion allows us to violate other people’s rights to not be discriminated against, and to refuse service to people whose lifestyle we don’t agree with.

But:  “It’s not fair that we get harrassed for wearing our Trump hats and expressing our political ideas!”

And after all of that, they turn around and try to paint the left as melodramatic, pushy,  “politically correct” hypocrites.  Yeah, okay.

Why Trump is not “The Lesser Evil”

To people who consider Trump “the lesser of two evils…”

Let me say this passage was initally written in response to a friend’s “reasons” for supporting Trump over Hillary.  Some of the statements address remarks that she made specifically, so, I may paraphrase some of my friend’s remarks to provide context, but I feel like even without specific context, my reactions are applicable to common reasons you hear Trump supporters express.

Here goes…

I understand you don’t trust Hillary.  I don’t 100% trust her myself.  She’s a politician, for one, and sometimes she seems sneaky.  But that said, I don’t see how Trump is the “lesser of the two evils” by any stretch of the imagination.

It just seems like Democrats want to railroad Trump, but forget every single one of Hillary’s transgressions for the last 40 years.

I think this is a gross generalization born of emotion, not fact. Democrats don’t need to railroad Trump because to us, he does a fine job himself.  Every time he opens his mouth, he betrays his bigotry, playing to other people’s hatred.

Well, what about Saul Alinsky, the child rapist that she laughed about getting off because she made the girl question her own story?  That girl was 12!

You talk about Hillary “laughing” about a man getting away with a pedophilic crime, yet you’re willing to support a man who likely commited one ? It makes no sense. At any rate, that statement is not strictly factual either. Hillary defended him, because that’s what a defense attorney’s JOB is. She did not volunteer to be the his lawyer, she was appointed. Even if she made a plea or helped get him acquitted, I doubt she found anything funny about it. She didn’t try to smear the victim, but again, as a lawyer, it is her job to question the veracity of the accuser.  Yet Republicans are willing to believe this portrait of her as a soulless advocate for a pedophile just to justify voting Trump, who may actually BE a pedophile, and has had more than one allegation of sexual assault.

What about when she called black men “Superpredators?”

The black “superpredator” thing is funny to me because it’s something Republicans seize on while simultaneously defending and making excuses for officers like the ones who murdered Alton Sterling.  Even people who claim not to be racist make apologist remarks, saying that if these black men didn’t “live the life they do” or they “weren’t criminals” they wouldn’t be dead.

Also, this statement, that was like 20 years ago. Is a person not allowed to grow in 20 years? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, I am not the person I was in my 20’s. I was a lot more Conservative in my 20’s.  In fact, I used to be one of the those apologists. I didn’t know better. I certainly do now.

Well, what about taking money while Secretary of State for the Clinton foundation, from countries that kill gays and Christians and oppress women and then doing favors for them?

Firstly, all of a sudden, Republicans, as a party, care about gays? This is news to me.  I guess they care more when they are using them as an excuse to justify hating Hillary, than when they are trying to keep them from getting married or eating in restaurants run by Christian people.  And women.  They care about women?  The same women whose healthcare they don’t want to pay for and whose bodies they think they have the right to legislate?  Trump actually mentioned how women who get illegal abortions should be punished.  I know on the surface, it seems benign enough.  You break a law, you get punished.  Only to me it’s more akin to saving a person who attempts to commit suicide only to charge them for the “crime.”  Now you have people who continue to attempt to strip Planned Parenthood, to take away many preventative options for health and unwanted pregnancy  (options they may not personally need, so they assume no one should need them,) and then take away options for dealing with said unwanted pregnancy, all the while bitching about “supporting poor welfare bums with too many kids.”  Well, fuck those people very much.

Additionally, I wonder how many abortions Trump has personally paid for over the course of his life and how many illegitimate Trump spawn are running around out there.  Just speculating…

As to the favors to these “gay and women hating” countries, do you honestly think Hillary is the only politician that makes deals with the devil? Shit, Reagan helped fund the Taliban! Every single one of them make questionable deals, often based more on economic reasons than moral ones . Every.  One.   And Trump would be no different.

In fact he’d proabbly be worse. For me the bottom line is that Trump is inciting more violence and race hate (something the Republicans accuse Obama of again and again,) all the while voting in policies that uphold social race and sex disparities.  Some people think Trump will be good for the country because he’ll “run it like a business.” Trump is not even a good businessman, so if he ran the country like he runs his businesses, we’ll be in the toilet in short order. Nevermind the fact that a fundamental point to remember about business is that most businesses do not really care about their employees, they care about the bottom dollar. If America is run like a true business, most of us middle and low class scum (speaking of things candidates said a long time ago) are expendable assets.

I say all this as respectfully as possible, but regardless of how you feel about Hillary’s classified documents issue, the government is not pressing charges. In the case of the alleged rape of the minor (Trump), the statute of limitations for criminal charges is passed, but child rape is a crime of morality I can not overlook. If it’s a choice between a hate preaching pedo and someone who was  wreckless with classified documents , I’ll take the second. Every time.


Readers, please feel free to comment respectfully.  Trolling (especially by Conservatives :p) will not be tolerated.

See the below article for all sorts of other facts and shit…

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Warning: I’m Just ONE Mad Woman (House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood)

Because this can be such an emotional topic, at least in regards to the issue of abortion, I’d like to preface what I am about to say with this:  I have come to the conclusion that is real life sometimes there is no “good” solution.  There is only the best solution for a given person at a given time.  I have thought it over quite a bit myself and while I can definitely see the pro-life point of view, in the end, I can’t get behind one living thing, a person, (the woman), losing her rights in deference to another living thing.  Anytime a woman feels she has to make a choice like this, it’s a hard, shitty choice to make, but I do believe it still should be a choice.

Please feel free to offer an opinion in the comments if you like but keep it civil towards all involved.  Thank you.

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Eff you, and your righteous indignation…

Man…there are so many hateful people in this world.  I am really starting to hate Facebook for making me so aware of it.  People like to blame all sorts of groups for “the state of the country…”  The Republicans, the Democrats, (Libs and Conservatives), the poor, the blacks, the whites, the illegals…  There is very little left of sympathy or empathy or the milk of human kindness.  SO many people only care about themselves and how things affect them.

The government just cut food stamps…again.  And the house endorsed and extra $500 million in aid to Israel…for missile systems!!!

Could someone tell me why so many people in this country hate our own poor, disdain giving them any help or money because they think it’s just the poor being “lazy” and the gov’t “enabling” them…?

But we can send a shit ton of money to other countries?  Oh, I bet I can…  Because somehow the House sees the money sent to Israel for weapons as a better “investment” than money spent on their own people.

Are we all so busy hating each other, blaming each other (damn lazy poor people,) that we can’t see the gov’t is the one sucking up all our money, screwing up our lives?

Facebook and the internet is really making me start to hate people…worse than I already did.   By all means, let’s cut SNAP aid and welfare money to the US poor….by, dear GOD, don’t let the Panda Cam go offline!!!

"Fuck you, poor person.  We wanna see Pandas."

“Fuck you, poor person. We wanna see Pandas.”