Some haiku about being a “Husky mom”

No individual titles, just poetry…Ā  Think of them as haiku verses in a giant single poem. šŸ˜‰


I love writing silly haiku. It’s more fun than trying to be serious. XD


I wake up to hair.

In the kitchen I stand and

Sticky roll my pants.


MalachiĀ Ā© alienredqueen

No, you can’t have this.

No… Stop talking back to me

Complaining won’t help.



Ā© alienredqueen

Oh, here’s some dog hair.

I wear my dog everywhere*

Dog hair in my bra.


MalachiĀ Ā© alienredqueen

Time to brush the dog

I put the hair in a pile

Look, another dog.


Ā© alienredqueen

He digs in the snow

And flips it over his head.

But doesn’t like rain.


MalachiĀ Ā©Ā  alienredqueen


*Ā  I wasn’t sure if “every” was 2 or 3 syllables.Ā  I did some quick Googling and apparently most dictionaries list it as two.