To Follow or Not to Follow: A Poll

Just a kind of informal poll, for my own edification:

In the comments, you can weigh in, and feel free to elaborate if you wish.

a) Do you feel that when you

“follow” a blog, that blog/person should

“follow” you back? Do you feel insulted if they


b) Do you feel obligated to “follow-back” when

you receive a new follower?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

Why Don’t You “Like” Me Anymore???

Facebook has ushered in a new era of expectations from our “friends.”  I’m sure I’m not the first person who has noticed the downright ridiculousness of people killing other people over an “unliked” status or a “defriending.”  And it doesn’t help that Facebook seems to be in a perpetual beta stage, always changing things, always “fixing” things, and it’s not uncommon for whole messages and notifications to just get lost in the cyber-shuffle.  I try to take Facebook interactions with a grain of salt.

facebook engancha

Iz on ur Facebook, hittin’ on ur girlfrienz

That said,  it’s hard not to be insulted when you know a family member or good friend has been online because they have been posting/forwarding stupid pictures and “inspirational” sayings, but they don’t respond to a message you specifically tagged them in, or bother to stop by and comment when, say, your cat dies (eh hem…)   Continue reading