I’m Gonna Miss My Boobs

Got milk...titties?

Yep.  Those are my boobs.  Or they were, rather, sometime last summer.  My daughter is now 20 months old and I finally “finished” the weaning process.   My milk hasn’t even dried up all the way.  But I started back on my regular birth control, and that sort of finalizes the decision in a way; my milk will dry up now, and nursing the baby in the mean time could actually cause her to menstruate because of the hormones in my pills.  Yikes!

We’ve actually been tapering the number of nursing sessions slowly for a while, both for convenience (those mid-night and early morning feedings buy Mommy more time in bed) and, admittedly, because a small part of me was reticent to give up such a bonding experience, even though it was becoming less convenient and more uncomfortable for me.   So my breasts have been shrinking back to their former glory, and now I’m back to being a large B/small C- cup.  Which I guess would be fine if the rest of me would shrink faster too.  And I am a tiny bit sad, not only for my diminished bustline, but because this is another part of my child’s (my first child, my only child) growing up.  I am thinking I didn’t get enough “baby nursing” pictures to commemorate the whole event.

And I have to admit, I’m going to miss my big, beautiful milk boobies too.  Not the super-ginormous, lumpy and painful “should have nursed two hours ago” boobies, but maybe the mostly full, “big, round, stand-up all on their own” porn star jubblies.

Aaaaaaand maybe I’m gonna miss chasing my husband around and squirting him in the eye with milk from the “twins.”  😉

machine gun jubblies! (click ^ )

8 responses to “I’m Gonna Miss My Boobs

  1. Aaaaaa….! I never heard they got lumpy when over full – have to warn Socks 🙂 She never even had to wear a bra until now, and bam! titties for miles! I never had that problem :/
    Now, the question that begs asking: did gaming help your accuracy and aim, or did blinding your hubby help your gaming?

    • BAH! That’s a great question! But I think it’s the difference between drawing with pencils and tattooing on skin… Different medium! LOL. Yeah, I don’t know how big Socks was before, but even small chested women should wear support of some kind simply because once the tendons holding the “girls” up where they belong stretch, only surgery will fix them… Take care of your boobs, lest you end up with empty windsocks hanging from your chest. 😉

  2. You can seriously aim and shoot milk? I didn’t know boobs could do that. Of course I can do the same thing with my nose but that is a new level of awesome.

  3. I think shooting milk and aiming would be the only reason for me to have kids. Haha. I can totally imagine that.
    But really, did you had to wear those weird bra’s too?

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