CSI Doppelgangers?

I’ve been watching re-runs of the CSI: Miami.  You know, one of several CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-offs?  Apparently, the general public’s obsession with the CSI franchise has gotten so bad that it’s created a problem for law enforcement and the court system, in that criminals are using techniques learned by watching CSI and other shows in the same genre to help cover up evidence, and juries often have unreasonable expectations of real-life forensics because of what they have seen on CSI.  I remember in a college Forensics course I had, my professor, who worked with a Baltimore crime scene unit, complained about CSI and what a bunch of bullshit it was.  Even with my limited knowledge of forensics, I sit and shake my head or yell at the TV sometimes when I watch the shows, because so much of their “science” is complete crap…

But I still watch for the entertainment value.  Apparently, they’re trying to further confuse the dimwitted members of the viewing population by hiring doppelganger actors to play similar characters in the series.   It’s a conspiracy…okay, maybe not, but has anybody else noticed the resemblance between actors Eric Szmanda  and Jonathan Togo?

Szmanda plays crime lab analyst and investigator Greg Sanders on the original CSI, while Jonathan Togo plays a startlingly similar character in CSI: Miami.  Both are generally handsome, in a frat-boy sort of way, and each seem to have quirky, juvenile aspects to their personalities.

Here’s the photographic evidence (~wink, wink~)

Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders

Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders

Jonathan Togo as Ryan Wolfe

Jonathan Togo as Ryan Wolfe

Okay, they’re not exactly twins, but it’s close enough that I have gotten the actors names confused before as to who plays which onscreen identity.  Fellow CSI fans, what do you think?


28 responses to “CSI Doppelgangers?

    • Hahah! No! I used to watch them all the time…but I haven’t had cable for a while, so I’ve been watching re-runs on Hulu. I usually skip ones I’ve seen before if I remember them too well also.

      • I think that and Jonathan should have DNA testing done! There is too much similarity between them! They look like twins!?!?

  1. Sorry, I know you posted this a while ago.. but I had been thinking the same since ever. It was too long ago that I had totally forgotten about it. I had even downloaded their pictures and comparing them. Same features, even their eyes look so similar to me. I never thought anyone had the same idea coz none of my friends ever talk about it.

  2. I had to google to see if they’re related in real lef lol. I thought they were doing another crossover show till i heard the characters name (Wolfe). I guess it’s true what they say that everyone has a twin. Lmfao

  3. Lol another person here binging the CSIs. Wolf just showed up in Miami and I had to google if he and Greg were the same or related they are so similar happy to see its not just me!

  4. I noticed this right away. Greg, the lad tech, seeing all the excitement and not really in the mix. Ryan, the cop, who always wanted to be a CSI? Come on people! The actors look like brothers. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like them. And I agree, there are people who believe that what they see on a tv show must be real. Some people believe the CSI franchise is a salute to police. It’s a tv show. The first one was more realistic, but Miami was way over the top. Vegas was good, till they turned it into a soap opera. Guess which one was my favorite. Yep, Miami! I know real cops but come on…..Horatio Caine!!!

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