People to Obama: Do Something NOW…But not THAT!

My intention is that this will be a short post, where I make an important point concisely, as it really should be self-evident.  But…we all know how I seem to be be practically incapable of not pontificating or at the very least, indulging in tangent streams of thought as they occur to me.   See?  There I go again…

But the main thrust of this post is this; I find it amusing, in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, that people are clamoring for the President to “do something” about the violence in our schools (and in the country in general,) some doubtlessly even going so far as to blame him for it, but the minute he makes a proposal, everyone is bitching about infringement of their rights.  I’m not saying I am either for or against President Obama’s proposal.  What annoys me in the reaction of an ungrateful country who shout a call to action, usually with no practical (or accurate) idea of what it takes to actually achieve success.

Rep. Paul Gosar’s statement on Obama’s proposal was the following:

I will actively fight any attempt by this Administration to undermine our Constitution and infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. With the attack on personal gun-ownership, the Second Amendment, and our God-given rights, the Obama-Biden Administration has been relentless in their pursuit of taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. (source)

Some of these “free thinkers” even go so far as to compare Obama to Hitler.



Let me explain something to you…people of questionable intellect.  Hitler’s tyranny was born out of a society in disarray.  At first, Hitler offered an ideal that the people wanted to believe.  An article from the Scientific American Mind describes tyranny as the result of a group processes, not one individual person’s pathology.  And yes, our society is in disarray, but that is due as much to the idea of entitlement that has been sewn into the fabric of our society.  Now, everyone thinks they’re owed something, and that they have the right to make waves to get whatever that something is.  A lot of greed,  useless righteous indignation, and not enough consequences for poor behavior is what is ruining our society… not ONE man.

Groups… are ultimately about collective self-realization. They use social power to make an existence in the image of their shared beliefs and values. But when groups cannot produce such a
working order, their members become more willing to accept other social structures—even if these new systems violate their existing way of life.

In specific reference to Nazi Germany:

Moreover, when the collapse of a system wreaks such havoc that a regular and predictable social life becomes impossible,
the promise of a rigid and hierarchical order becomes more alluring. Thus, the chaotic failure of the democratic Weimar led to the rise of Nazism.

See? I have already written more than I intended, but forgive me, because it is all to support my point.

AT first glance maybe it seems like I am actually inferring that I agree with the conservative view of the President’s plan.  Actually, what I am saying is that:

a) It takes more than one man to create a tyranny and

b) the very people that are criticizing the President’s every move are still looking to him to give them an answer, a solution, and berate him if it is not the answer they were hoping for.

Basically, I liken this to the smaller scale example of the society/ laws that restrict parental rights and decision-making (corporal punishment, health care and vaccinations, etc) but then blame the parent when the kid gets loosed on society as a disrespectful, anti-social mess.

You can’t have it both ways!  You can’t expect someone to perform miracles with their hands tied behind their backs (or in bureaucratic red tape.)

Just sayin’.

13 responses to “People to Obama: Do Something NOW…But not THAT!

  1. Been waiting to hear what the blogosphere had to say about this. From a European perspective the right to bear arms is beyond understanding. We watch your debate after recent atrocities and wonder.

    • Well, to my understanding, the 2nd Amendment, as it was initially intended, is sort of obsolete… but staunch gun enthusiasts don’t seem to agree try to say it still applies. However, I don’t think it can be argued by either side that if the people who did have guns secured them better or were better held accountable for them, things like Newtown might happen less often.

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  3. You may feel that the second amendment is “sort of obsolete” but maybe you should take a look around at what is happening in the world today. Throughout history the average lifespan of a democracy is 200 years! We have surpassed that benchmark. History does and will repeat itself and we are not immune from the ills that take place everyday in other parts of the world. Please do not be so naive as to think “it can never happen here”.

    • I never said it could not happen here, and contrary to what you may think, neither have I been living under a rock. As a fairly new mother, I’d say I am hyper aware of what is going on with the guns in our schools right now. My point with this article was simply “You can not have it both ways.” People can not bash our leader for not having a solution, and then bitch when he does try to do something simply because it’s not what they would do. If they were capable of doing half of what the President, any President, can do, maybe they take a run at the office… But I bet once you have a whole country to answer to, solutions to national problems are not so easy to find.

  4. There is so much wrong with your general interpretation that it astounds me that you speak so grandly and condescendingly while abstaining from ‘taking a stand’…but you have opinion enough to call the 2nd Amendment ‘obsolete’.

    The point a previous commenter was making is two-fold: 1) we’ve surpassed the lifespan of any other democracy primarily BECAUSE of our ability – and right, I might add – to hold equal footing by bearing arms, and 2) just because we can exercise this right *NOW* does not guarantee we can in the future. The 2nd Amendment is what has kept us from becoming one of those oppressive nations.

    Every ‘gun registration’ system and/or banning/confiscation scheme has ultimately lead to increased crime, death, and ultimately subjugation of the population in question. People like to tout the low murder rate in the UK – with it’s gun bans – but when you do the whole per capita calculation, you find that the UK is overwhelmingly more dangerous than the United States. Look at Australia, which has seen its crime and murder rates skyrocket since it’s force buyback legislation. ‘Home Invasions’ didn’t even EXIST on the Aussie law books, because it happened so rarely and resulted in the perpetrator being killed or chased off. Now, they have 1000s a year. The comparison between Alaska and Hawaii (especially since they are good petri dishes in that they are not ‘contiguous’ states) and the effects of their gun bans (dramatically increased violent crime rates) and Alaska’s subsequent repeal of its gun ban (a return of crime rates to BELOW that of the pre-ban years) are quite telling. That DC, Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles…and their violent crime rates – particularly gun crime rates – should tell all the story one needs to hear. But then, look at Argentina, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico (I could go on?) and their oppressive gun regulations and accompanying crime rates.

    As for Germany being broken socially – what do you call this nation, particularly? We have a president who stokes racial tensions and divides, demonizes success, lauds – and diverts tax funds to – failures, and hypocritically violates all is espoused tenets in every action he takes (armed guards at his kids school and all around him; drug abuse in college, yet presses the DOJ to persecute drug users nationwide; hasn’t shut Gitmo, continued Bush’s war plan, escalated drone strikes, killed a US citizen with no due process, has issues more ‘signing statements’ than Bush ever did, issues EOs that are direct violations of the Constitution).

    Personally, I don’t clamor for the government to do ANYTHING for me. Most often, I find they muck it up. The most dangerous words in the world are “Hi. I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. I don’t even believe a majority WANT the feds to ‘fix’ this problem. Most I speak with think the feds created this problem with their “Gun Free Zone” legislation – which only seems to have increased the number of deaths occurring in these critical locations.

    I hope these words reach you.

    • The fact that you consider the “right to bear arms,” such as it is in this nation, keeping us on “equal footing” astounds me. Exactly who are we on equal footing with? Part of the right to bear arms initially was to keep the colonies from being oppressed by the Federal government. CLEARLY, our “right” to bears arms isn’t doing squat in that respect. As to my opinion of the 2nd Amendment, I am apparently not the only person who feels the Amendment can be interpreted several ways, as the question of interpretation has gone to the supreme court. The two main interpretations are “collective right,” which has nothing to do with INDIVIDUAL rights to bear, but rather a state’s right as a collective to maintain an “organized militia” to protect it’s freedom, and then there is the “standard model,” which many gun advocates protect as blindly as the anti-gun people they disparage so much.
      As for your message “reaching me,” insulting me in the first paragraph by insinuating I’m ignorant and “condescending” is probably not the way to get me to “hear” what you have to say. Either is spouting other countries statistics, as they have no bearing on the actual point of this article, which if you had read it, instead of having a knee-jerk gun advocate’s reaction, was that(despite the fact that you claim never personally issued a call to action to the President,) people (you included) clearly feel entitled to blame him and judge his attempts to find a solution to a situation.

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