On My Little Pony and “Being Fat”

Random thoughts, questions, and ideas for the day, punctuated with applicable pix of cats.

On My Little Pony…


Could someone please explain to me why I am tearing up at an episode of My Little Pony this afternoon?

...is it because Neeners thought Pony "Friendship is Magic?"

…is it because Neeners thought pony “Friendship is Magic?”


...because I haven't yet realized my dreams of building a pony army to achieve world domination?

…because I haven’t yet realized my dreams of building a pony army to achieve world domination?

On “being fat…”

KY Walmart cat dares you to steal his 'lectric cart...

KY Walmart cat dares you to steal his ‘lectric cart…

I’m still struggling with that ten or so stubborn pounds that I gained back after last Christmas.  I’ve been watching re-runs of The Biggest Loser.  Despite my general distaste for most reality shows, I find this show fascinating.  It’s also eye-opening.  Give me a second to explain myself.  I try not to judge people…but I also think it’s natural to an extent.  Part of the reason I am so disgusted with the state of the population when I walk through my local Walmart is the impression I get that many of these people just don’t care enough to make the choices they need to be healthy.  It’s easier, and let’s face it, more enjoyable, to eat whatever, whenever, and sit on your ass and watch TV, than it is to get up and exercise, and also to exercise portion control and selective eating.  I know it is!  I feel that way too.  I miss being sixteen, and not giving a shit what I ate or how much.  But I also give myself enough credit to say, “hey, this is getting out of hand,” before it gets too out of hand.

That said, watching this show has not only inspired me to work harder for my own goals (if these people can muster the strength and courage to do it, I certainly can,) it has reconnected me to the feelings of despair and guilt and shame a lot of overweight people feel.   I think these feelings get buried, and people who are not overweight do not always realize those feelings exist.

I mean, I wasn’t intending to blog about weight loss or fitness today, but I stumbled upon one of today’s Freshly Pressed and it sort of cinched some ideas in my head.

I totally understand and respect this guy’s point of view.  Regardless of my feelings about weight and health, I do not offer my opinions on someone else’s body unless they ask me.  I love to share the things I’ve done that make me feel good and have been successful for me.  But I only talk about them in terms of myself, and usually only after the other person broaches the subject.  Still, this post reminded me that I would do well to try to remain empathetic and open minded to the feelings of others.

I liken it to when people offer me their unsolicited opinions and “medical” advice about how smoking is bad for me and I should quit.  Basically, whether it’s weight or smoking, a choice in music, clothing, sexual orientation…whatever…if it doesn’t affect you directly, and the person in question does not ask for your opinion, you offering your opinion and advice like you’re giving them the keys to the universe is just arrogant and makes you look like an ass.  Keep it to yourself!

On using Facebook to find your birth mom or child…

In just a few short weeks I’ve seen more and more of this.  Maybe I just can’t understand because I have always had my parents… two sets actually.  But I wonder why all of a sudden this boom in people looking for their birth mothers.   If you are raised your whole life by one set of parents and then you find out you’re adopted, I’m sure most of you would agree that your adoptive parents are still your parents.  So what causes the drive to meet what amounts to a perfect stranger?  So many things would go through my mind.  If I found out my parents were not biologically my parents, how would I feel?  I’m really not even sure.  It’s hard to imagine (especially given that I look so much like my mother.) Would I need or want to search for my birth parents?  What if they didn’t want to meet me?  What if they were in jail, or junkies, or dead?  Would finding that out be even worse than not knowing?

Well, this post certainly went from short and light, to long-winded and heavy.  To lighten the mood back up, I give you… Methos with his face jammed into a pillow while he sleeps.

"Oh, da hoomanity!"   I think I'll go back to thinking about ponies.

“Oh, da hoomanity!” I think I’ll go back to thinking about ponies.

14 responses to “On My Little Pony and “Being Fat”

  1. I mentioned today to a co-worker that I had to stop the diet due to digestive issues. She said, ‘whyyyyyy do you think you need to lose weight?’ Simple answer – I can’t fit in my work clothes. Not been on a scale in ages, but I can’t fit in PANTS. I’m not going shopping, I’m going dieting.

    Thinking hard about exercising. So far just brain-stretches. That has to count.

    Never had one, or seen, MLP. But Biggest Loser made me weepy the first season, it was such a positive show, and didn’t treat the ‘contestants’ like scum.

    I’m one of those who repost the adoption-search pics. You can’t explain why, it is a need that needs filled. So what if you’re disapointed? At least you know. The power of the ‘net is amazing, and I wish all of them on their search the best of luck.

    • Haha. You remind me of my bestie when you say, “I’m not going shopping, I’m going dieting.” Just so matter of fact, like, this is what I’m doing, and that’s that! As to your co-worker, it’s nice of her to say you don’t need to diet, but in the end, it’s all what you are comfortable with. I personally hate when I “outgrow” clothes.

      Yeah, I don’t really blame those ppl for looking for their parents…I just don’t “get” it. LOL

    • PS, if you DO decide you want to make a lifestyle change, I’ve got tons of handy tips and good recipes that I made myself! 😉 Yesterday I made a seafood alfredo with less than 300 calories per serving (and my servings are pretty decent!)

      • Low-carb works for us. Well, it used to work really well for me but my guts aren’t amused, all of a sudden. Again, it’s stress. Had homemade pizza made of mostly eggs n cheese tonight, a bit saltier than a normal ‘za but dammed tasty. We don’t count calories! But I also don’t excercise enough.

    • Have you ever watched the show? That’s definitely not all there is to it. Those trainers bust those ppl’s asses. Usually, in the first episode, there are a lot of fat ppl puking from all the exertion. LOL They work out many hours a day and the trainers push and push… So the environment is a little more conducive to weight loss than at home would be…

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  3. You love awesome things. I’m not going to debate that. But Biggest Loser physically hurts my ears. My girlfriend watches it constantly, and so I can hear it in the background. The worst sounds ever. Sorry, I’m done ranting. Hope all is well!

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