“Religious Freedom,” or just plain old Discrimination?

George Takei posted this on his Facebook page today.


This is just to reiterate; you can’t pass legislation that is fundamentally against the constitution.

This is bullshit.  Your rights only go as far as until they infringe on someone else’s.  Being gay and patronizing a restaurant, for instance, does not infringe on the owner’s “religious” rights (There is no legal right to discriminate against anyone– it’s unconstitutional.)  However, refusing to serve someone because they are gay is discrimination and is ILLEGAL…

7 responses to ““Religious Freedom,” or just plain old Discrimination?

  1. I could not agree more. Discrimination is wrong no matter how you slice it. Discrimination against gay people is no better than racial, or gender discrimination. To discriminate against homosexuals puts America in the same kettle pot as places like Iraq and Afghanistan where religion rules. If religious fanatics want to live in a religious state they should move there.

    • Thanks for reading and taking time to comment! I really just wish people would live and let live. The sense of entitlement in this country has gotten out of control!!! People feel no qualms about being very vocal about their prejudices now!

  2. Yeah such a bunch of bullshit. It seems like a new country is making it legal everyday (except for Russia of course), but then here we can’t even get our shit together.

  3. I am so disappointed to see Ohio as ‘introduced and withdrawn after protest.’ I guess out of all the crappy options, that’s one of the least crappy. But still – Cleveland has one of the largest gay communities in the US, and I would have LOVED to live in it.

    I just cannot understand why something that does not affect anyone but GLBT people – and that in a positive way – gets anyone else’s knickers in a twist.

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