Why I Think My Cat May Be The Doubtful Guest

Every night before bed, my husband and I read to my daughter.  ALMOST every night, the book is The Doubtful Guest, by Edward Gorey.  Although illustrated with a cute penguin-looking little critter and sporting a rhyming line on each page, the drawings in the tiny book are dark (literally) and the story has macabre undertones and may not necessarily seem like a traditional children’s book.  Gorey was influenced by the likes of Lewis Caroll, Agatha Christie, and Charles Dickens and influenced such prolific names like Tim Burton (which should just about tell you most of what you need to know about the mood of Gorey’s work.)

But regardless, my daughter loves this book (which actually belonged to me long before she was born!)  And as we read the book out loud, hubs and I sometimes find ourselves joking between verses and substituting our own words, sort of a “book-nerd cat-lady” version of Mystery Science Theatre.  Because the more we read the story, the more the enigmatic little creature that mysteriously shows up at the beginning of the story sounds like our dopey boy cat, Methos.

The book opens thusly:

The Doubtful Guest by Edward Gorey

Well, Methos is definitely peculiar, but we’re not quite there yet…



All cats are seemingly deaf; that’s, like, standard cat protocol or something.

Methos loves shoes.  Canvas, patent leather, flip flops…doesn’t matter.  He’s like a furry Cinderella.  He has to try them all on.

Once again, brooding and laying about is a way of life; standard cat stuff…  The part that’s really Methos is how he’s “inconveniently” close most of the time on any given day.

“Just holdin’ ur crotch down…with mah face…”

Tureen, laundry basket.  Same difference.


In this case, replace “aimlessly creep” with  “running around like a complete fool and using balls and bladders as springboards.”

This is Methos all over.  Objects may include but are not limited to balled up receipts, cough drop and candy wrappers (which he fishes out of my garbage can,) and tampon wrappers.  He then gives them a thorough dunking in the communal water bowl before bringing them sopping wet to drop on our bed while we sleep.

Yep…  Despite his fervent attempts to get outside and “play” with the birdies, I do believe he is here to stay.  I hope so.  He annoys the piss out of me, he sheds everywhere, and he’s noisy…but he’s probably the coolest cat I’ve ever had.  He’s big and soft and shiny.  He plays fetch and he’s super lovable.  And I love that dopey bastard.

Most of the book images I found in one place and “borrowed” them from another post about The Doubtful Guest.  And while I’m sure they don’t own the images, I’d like to thank fellow blogger, my23skidoo.

5 responses to “Why I Think My Cat May Be The Doubtful Guest

      • Ah! We suffer mutually then the Bengal curse 🙂 I forget what F my boy is but man, he ain’t right. His dad was a marble, and his mom a Snow! Oh well, I remember the grey pads as being a breed marker. I wonder should I get this book for Socks 🙂

  1. Yeah, our little bengal is tiny, but she is SO LOUD. She hates when you raise your voice at her. She’ll “yell” back at you.

    Yes! You should get it for Socks… He has a bunch of other cool books too. May I recommend The Epiplectic (yes , that is a real word) Bicycle?

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