The Visuals of Trine 2 (re-blog)

I played the demo for this game tonight, and WOW!

To the Controller! Gaming

Okay, this will be brief, because it’s not really a “review,” as I have not played  Trine 2  in its entirety (yet).  However, I was so immediately taken with the stunning colors and gorgeous backgrounds in this fantasy side-scrolling platformer that I felt compelled to share something about the game here.

The game follows three different characters, a magician, a knight, and a thief, and the trick to getting through the deceptively beautiful details of the various boards is learning when and how to use each character’s skills effectively.

The controls for what little portion I played were easy enough to master; each character has a few signature “skills” that come in handy for navigating the terrain, which looks very three dimensional but only allows for vertical and lateral movement.  A little more difficult (for me at least) was determining how to use the terrain and the characters’…

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