“This is Life.”

I was talking to a friend today about some recent changes in her life.  She told me she still had some sad days but was overall doing well.  She said much with a few words; she said, “This is life.”

It reminded me of something I was contemplating on the day before…

We, as humans, are not meant to be “happy” always. Just as we are not meant to be “sad” always. We are meant to be content with our lives, and moments of happiness and sadness, like anything else, come and go.

But I think Denis Leary said it best:

“Happiness comes in small doses folks. It’s a cigarette butt, or a chocolate chip cookie or a five second orgasm… You come, you smoke the butt you eat the cookie you go to bed, get up in next and go to fucking work…  That is it. End of fucking list! ”


Personally, for me, Denis Leary in a dress is a happy moment.

Personally, for me, Denis Leary in a dress is a happy moment.

Yeah, me and Denis got this life thing nailed!

13 responses to ““This is Life.”

  1. I totally agree..I think our generation is one of sensation seekers…It is not enough, that we have everything going for us and that life is going smoothly…We need constant stimulation to make us feel that life is worth living..

    I have a childhood friend who is married to a great guy, who is also a school friend.., He is the sole bread winner in the family and makes good money, she is a stay at home mom by choice and they have three beautiful children, They seem like the ideal couple, to everyone in our friend’s circle…Yet she comes to me every week crying that she is not happy, that something is “missing” and that the “excitement has been lost forever”.They thus argue over this “issue” frequently since he is too tired after work to go out and prefers staying in on the weekends to catch up on sleep…She is so depressed about it that she is on anti depressants, yet she feels the medication does not work as it “Only serves to relax her and makes her ignore the real issue”, which I am unable to understand…He works a 9 to 5 job, comes back home, helps his wife around the house and with the children, and when asked if he is happy, he says, “I have no complaints, Im content” and that’s what drives her crazy as she is unable to understand how he can be happy in the same relationship she is when she is not…Its almost as if she wants him to feel unhappy with her so they can do something about it…As far as I know, there is no domestic violence, no cheating on either side and they have had to be compatible to have stayed long enough to have three children together..Maybe I am old fashoned, but I believe that as long as there is no violence and infidelity, she should learn to suck it up and be grateful….She gets upset at me when I suggest boredom and familiarity as the reason for her dissatisfaction and that they need to take a vacation together without the kids. She refuses to see the therapist anymore, since the therapist “does not understand”. So, I seriously am at a loss of what to say to her and have gone as far as to stop receiving her calls, as they are starting to depress me and I am not helping her much anyway..
    Anyway, it was nice to see your post about being content, since this has been on my mind a lot lately..and Sorry about the rant.

    • I understand where your friend is coming from, as I have had similar feelings. I am in similar circumstances; being a SAHM with a beautiful daughter. Yes, I sometimes crave more adult interaction, and yes I definitely want some more adventures, but almost everything in life is a trade off. My sister is where I thought I might be, single, always vacationing, doing new things, but she is also sad and lonely a lot too. Most time, you can’t have everything all at once, and what I keep telling myself is that in a few years, my little girl will be older and maybe we will be in a financial position for ALL OF US to have adventures together!!!

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