“Relentlessly” Stupid

So some “Christian” person sent his widow neighbor a letter after she and her kids decorated the yard with rainbow solar lamps.

The letter went like this:


Disgusting that people would call themselves Christian after engaging in hateful behavior like that letter. Religious people that think being gay, or being trans (like Caitlyn Jenner,) is “an abomination under God” make me laugh. No, you know what is an abomination? Priests that try to fuck little kids while the church covers it up. Just saying, maybe you should complain about stuff like that and leave these people alone.

There’s actually a Go Fund Me  campaign now to help this lady paint her whole house in rainbows to piss this bitching neighbor off.  (It’s great.)  See, normally, I’d say if someone spends THAT much time worried about what someone else is doing with THEIR OWN yard, that complaining person needs to get a life.  The same would go for someone retaliating in this manner (painting a house just to piss off a neighbor)…except this “Christian” dude opened the door on this and now this plucky widow is gonna close it on his stupid face! Good for her and her kids, and shame on him for trying to take away a widow and her children’s joy because “gay” rainbows offend his delicate sensibilities.

5 responses to ““Relentlessly” Stupid

  1. Saw this this morning – someone suggested it was all BS for attention. Well, they have it. I’ve nothing to spare, but I hope she and her kids get to paint the house all the colours and maybe get a smiling unicorn for the front yard!

  2. I used to think that gay meant a good thing, like happy or joyfull. Until i thought i’d have me some fun at the “Gay Parade”. Nothing but Fags! Smoking can kill you, you know!! But this happy light affair seems like the good gay to me. The complainer should come and live a while in my neighbourhood, where people hold relentless garden parties from dusk till dawn…

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