Magic Potion~Rosewater and Glycerin

WHY was I not informed of this sooner?  The answer was so simple– literally!  I could have started using this years ago and reaping the benefits, if only someone had told me… Rosewater and Glycerin.  

I am a cosmetic hound.  I’ll admit it.  I love make-up (mostly eye make-up and hair dye) and I am always on the lookout for new and better products. Drug stores are wonderlands of hair dye and eyeliner, and Sally’s…haha, that’s like Mecca.  I could happily wander around for an hour or two in there, reading labels, smelling lotions, and spending money.  And with more regular internet access than I’ve had in a long time, well, the world of cosmetics is my oyster…almost.

Because I’m also pretty poor.  And that makes me a bargain shopper.  I would love to be able to drop hundreds of bucks trying different products.  Alpha hydroxy lotions and anti-aging serums.  Products for clarity and elasticity.  But I can’t afford to.  And it turns out, I don’t really need to.  The perfect product has been there all along.

Now, I am referring to rosewater and glycerin as the perfect product for a number of reasons.  Like I said, I have loved cosmetics for as long as I can remember.   That’s not to say that I apply so much make-up that I look like the Jersey Shore version of Frankenstein’s monster.  I just love to experiment with different looks and make myself “beautiful.”  This little bit of vanity brings me (in a leisurely, roundabout way) to how I discovered my new “magic potion.”

About a year and a half ago, my beautiful daughter was born.  I have nursed my child since she was born.  Skip ahead about a year to when the nursing starts to decline in frequency and the baby starts to sleep longer at night…and here I am, a thirty year old woman who has just started her period again, and is without The Pill for the first extended time in fifteen years.  Guess what I get on top of the stretch marks and extra ten pounds…oh, yeah.  Acne.  I get to experience the acne of my adolescence, that I thought I was too genetically blessed to have the first time around.  Whether it’s the acne of my youth come back for revenge or just my permanently changed chemistry due to pregnancy (please, God, no), I now have some form of acne almost all the time.  Before my period each month, I’m especially lucky to experience a surge in large sub-cutaneous zits that, with a little gentle prodding on my part, end up being huge red mountains that I try desperately to conceal and that take a good two weeks just to heal…just in time to start the cycle all over again the next month.

So, in the course of battling these eruptions, I became rather diligent about online research.  And I discovered a disturbing fact.  Many of the products- MOST of the products- sold online and in stores contain a number of  highly comedogenic (that’s pore clogging, to all you lay-people) ingredients in them.  Even products slated especially for acne.  While these ingredients do not cause acne in everyone, they are potentially problematic for people with acne-prone skin.  Probably the worst offender, and you may have heard this chemical mentioned in passing- is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, (and its sister chemical, Sodium Laureth Sulfate.)  And it’s. In. Everything!  Your bodywash, your shampoo, your handsoap.  Even your toothpaste may have it.  It’s a detergent, often used to create lather.  It is considered irritating, drying, and highly comedogenic.  Now, like I said, it does not bother everyone, but take a look at the list below and compare it to your facial product,  cleanser, or lotion.  How many of these chemicals are in your product?

I’m not saying you should junk every one of your cosmetics, but it is something to consider.

Also in the effort to fight acne, we often are brutal to our skin.  Toners and creams and all manner of…stuff…goes onto our faces.  And then we end up with very dry, irritated skin that makes us look older…and we still have pimples.  One ingredient that’s in many products, even supposed high-end, expensive ones, is denatured alcohol.  This is basically alcohol that has been made to taste bad so we don’t get drunk on our face toner, and it is so bad for your skin.  Aside from drying your skin out, it has been suggested in some studies that denatured alcohol actually contributes to apostasis (that’s programmed cell death! Yikes!) in skin.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the back and forth battle that then ensues, between oily, over-moisturized skin, and scaly dry skin.

Soooo….(I’m getting there, patience, my friend)…enter Rosewater and Glycerin.  Someone online suggested this to me as a moisturizer.  Let me just highlight the fine points and then I’ll wrap this all up:

1) NO detergents, unnatural chemicals, or alcohols- all natural ingredients.

2) inexpensive- you could even make it yourself, if you were so inclined

3) absorbs fully into skin, not oily or over-drying, and it smells nice and light

4) Glycerin helps regulate the water balance in the cells. It attracts moisture towards the skin and keeps it moisturized but not oily

5) Rosewater has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and anti-bacterial properties and also consists of components that have the ability to stimulate blood circulation in the blood vessels (READ: more cell renewal for younger  looking skin.)

6) there are even aromatherapy benefits in using rosewater and glycerin

So I ordered some online.  (I use Heritage Products Rosewater and Glycerin.)  Four ounces in an atomizer sprayer was about 5 dollars plus shipping.  And it’s worth every penny!  It is everything it’s supposed to be.  Moisturizing without being oily, nice smelling, non-comedogenic.

I also came across a great organic cleanser- no sulfates, all natural-  with cucumber and Tea Tree oil, another great anti-bacterial and astringent oil.

If you are unsatisfied with your current face care regimen, I urge you to check out this website.   (BTW, I have no personal affiliation with these people or their business.  I just sincerely like their product.)

53 responses to “Magic Potion~Rosewater and Glycerin

  1. Hi aliedredqueen (I couldn’t find your name anywhere),

    I love your article. I don’t know where you live, but I am in Texas and I can find the rosewater and glycerin at CVS and Walmart. It’s about 3.50 to 4.00 dls for an 8 oz. bottle. You can find it in little section where hispanic/latin products are. The brand is De la Cruz Rosewater & Glycerin. Here’s a link to an image of this bottle.

    I love this product to. I mix it with aloe vera juice and put it in a small spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. It is so wonderful. I hope you can find this brand, that way you don’t have to pay for shipping.

    Good luck!

  2. I used it in the uk it’s been around for years . When I moved to Australia could not find it. Have just made some for about $8 Australian can’t wait to see what happens…….it used to work well 20 odd yrs ago now let’s see….

  3. Thanks for posting! I love learning about different skin care regimens especially afordable ones 😉 I found this post while I was researchimg glycerine the main ingredient in a mask I just started using concha nacar de perlop

    • So glad you found this useful! It happens to be my most popular post to date! LOL. Maybe I should be writing more about skin care and less about zombies. 😉 Let me know if you try the items and they work out for ya!

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  5. I have horrible stretch marks.. all over my breasts and tummy! Do you thing glycerin and rosewater would help heal them?

    • Well…I never thought about it. I too have stretch marks, but if I had to take an educated guess (because trust me when I say I’m no expert) I’d think you’d be better off with something like a vitamin E cream or cocoa butter. When I was twelve, I got bit by a dog on my face, and after the stitches came out my doc, a plastic surgeon, had me take actual vitamin E pills, puncture them with a pin, and rub the oil inside on my facial scars. Hope that helps!

      • I have actually tried everything from almond oil to mederma.. Nothing seems to give any considerable effects.. I think that the vitamin-e pill method.. which you mentioned above, would be impracticable for me as I have lots of stretch marks, I would need not less than 10-15 pills per day. If you have any other advices, I’d love to hear them.
        Thank You!

        • Yeah, I can see how that would be problematic.. but there are Vitamin E creams that might be a better option. I have a hard time using lotion on my marks, because I usually forget until bedtime, and too much cream at bedtime makes me sweat when I sleep.

  6. I just started using rosewater and it seems to be very drying to my skin..Im sure if I add glycerin to it would be more moisturizing..but i’m scared the glycerin make cause breakouts to my acne prone skin..any info. on glycerin not clogging pores?..Thanks

  7. Trust me. The glycerine and rosewater concoction really does work! I worked with a 70 year old woman who had the face and hands of a 20 year old. She told me it was the glycerine and rose water she used daily. Seeing is believing. Now I use it all the time and mix my own. it makes my skin feel so much softer. Hope I look like she did when I get older!

    • Hi. How do you make your own glycerin and rosewater combo? I recently started having dry lips and skin around the mouth. Thanks.

      • Not sure if you are addressing Zendora or me, so I’ll answer just in case. In theory I know how to make rosewater, but not glycerin. But it is pretty cheap to order. I like the premade Heritage mixture, but you can order just rosewater and you can probably find glycerin if you wish to make your own rosewater. Just research the quantities and ratios so you don’t end up with something too heavy. Good luck!

        • Equal parts of glycerin and rose water.if u want to get rid of blemishes and want even tone u can add fresh Lemon juice.
          1 part rose water
          1 part glycerin
          1/3 part lemon juice ( optional)
          It’s very effective. I apply to my hands ,legs and face every night and leave overnight. My skin has become really soft but it has a little sticky feeling.

    • 🙂 Thanks, I’m glad you found it useful. I don’t make my own solution. I use Heritage Store rosewater and glycerin. You can buy it online from various places, and it is pretty cheep. I just ordered 2 eight ounce spray bottles for 12 dollars, and I store the one I haven’t opened in the fridge.

  8. Hi. Good job. My face is very oily with blemishes. I have been reading about rosewater glycerine. I just got my 4oz atomizer from heritage store today. Can add lemon juice to ?.

    • I imagine you can. Or maybe try tea tree oil. I know it sounds counter intuitive if you have an oily face, but tea tree is good for acne. 😀 And I LOVE the smell. If you add anything, start with just a bit, and work your way up. 😀

  9. Thank you. May be I will try the tea tree oil and see what happens. I also want something that can lighten or brighten the dark spots.

  10. My aunt used to make this concoction in small batches..preferably a new batch every week and store it in fridge.. But she used to add juice of one lemon as well…for a small bottle.. It was like 2 parts glycerin, 1 part rose water and 1 part lemon juice..though you can reduce amount of lemon juice.. I hope this help.

    • Yeah, I have read it has a shelf life of only a couple of weeks, however, I am betting the Heritage stuff I get has some sort of something added to it to preserve it, as I have had bottles for way longer than that without the water turning.
      Thanks for reading.

  11. hi. have u tried using rosewater alone? do u know the difference between rosewater alone and rosewater with glycerin like the one in heritage..since u’re a makeup junkie.. thank u!

    • Well, glycerin is the moisturizer part…. You will still get the benefits of rosewater from rose water alone, and I recently made my own rosewater and marigold wash but other than that i have never used rosewater alone., It is very mild though, so unless you have an allergy to roses, it is very safe.

  12. I totally agree! I use the same product….amaziinnngggg!!!! I had used the same products (Body Shop Tea Tree line) for my entire teens and most of my 20’s. Around 28-29 I started noticing that my skin was acting up and was not the way it used to be (I am referring to things other than wrinkles ;D such as red in certain areas, more acne than usual) I knew I had to make a switch. I heard about Rosewater and purchased a small bottle. Never going back!

  13. I just started using glycerin and rosewater. What I do is wash my face, then scrub it with a slice of tomato for exfoliating. I then wash that off and I apply the glycerin and rosewater for toner. After that I added extra virgin olive oil for moisturiser. ?????? Is everything wrong? I have frying bake, oily look. And of course acne. What to use less or not at all. I am waiting 4 ur advice… Thank u.

    • Oh wow. I’d cut out the olive oil. If you want to put a drop or two in a moisturizer, that’s one thing, but unless you have very dry skin, straight olive oil is too much for it.

      I have combination skin, and I like a very gentle creme cleanser like Neutragena Extra Gentle Cleanser or Ponds (preferably something without SLS or Cocomedalpropyl Betaine or other surfactants…) and I use the Freeman charcoal mask (I wrote about it in another post somewhere) for exfoliating. And then if you want apply the rosewater and glycerine when you are done (this could be where you can add a drop of EVOO or Safflower oil or some other oil with a low comedogenic value.) I personally use a light moisturizer/sunscreen combo during the day and then a heavier AHA cream at night. Hope this helps.

  14. Wow this was very helpful thankyou! I am in the same situation as you, I cannot afford expensive products but I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. However sometimes my skin looks bumpy and dehydrated even though I moisturize alot!. I never used to get acne and now all of a sudden im getting new breakouts every week out of nowhere and I have tried almost everything. I will try this and hope this works for my skin. I have one question though, can this be used as a substitute for my moisturizer? If not, are there any good and affordable moisturizers u recommend for sensitive/acne prone/dehydrated skin?
    Thanks again!

    • Oh definitely! Rosewater and glycerin is meant to be a moisturizer. Just resist the temptation tooverapply. Also, I am thinking of writing another post about this, but I also just discovered the wonders of “peeling gels.” I got a fairly cheap one on ebay for like 8 bucks, the same type they sell at stands in the mall for 140 a jar! Good luck!

  15. Hi there, I’ve just bought some separate bottles of rose water and glycerine. What ratio should I mix them?

    • Oh, geez. I’m not sure. I can do some research but you might just want to Google it. I have never made my own. Good luck. Feel free to comment back and let us know what you ended up doing and how you liked it!

  16. Hello!! I am wondering if you use the rosewater and glycerin as a moisturizer or a toner? i.e., do you put anything on your face after the rosewater/glycerin? And do you use it AM and PM! Thank you so much!!! ❤

    • I personally like ti as a moisturizer. The rosewater alone can be a good toner… But really you just need to taylor your routine to your individual needs. If you don’t feel moisturized enough by just the rosewater and glycerine, you can add another one on top. Feel free to use am and pm, but always use a sunblock during the day too 😉 Also, likewise, at night you can always use a heavier “night” cream alone or on top of the rosewater mixture if you like.

  17. Can we use lemon juice, glycrine and rosewater lotion as a night cream… And then wash face in the morning and apply glycrin, rosewater as a moisturizer.. Is it ok??? To use both remedies at the same time is safe or not??
    Rw, glycrin use in full day time??
    W8 for ur answer

    • As long as you know the lemon juice won’t bother your skin, it seems fine. There is no reason you can’t use rosewater and glycerin twice a day. It is such a gentle and mild tonic. Just make sure you have sunscreen during the day too. 🙂 Best regards!

  18. I’m a Nigerian, I have lots of acne on my face and body I’ve used sever acne treatment products but it’s not just improving, please, help.

    • Oh, honey. I’m not expert but I can tell you some things that have and haven’t worked for me, and some things I’ve learned from research. Have you noticed a trend, like does it get worse during certain times of the month or when you eat certain foods? I recommend a good but gentle exfoliator, like Freeman Black Sugar and charcoal mask. Use it a few times a week. It seems to draw impurities to the surface. Just don’t scrub your face too aggressively; it can cause your skin to produce more oil. Also, you may want to see a dermatologist if yoiu haven’t already. Drinking a lot of water is supposed to help your skin, and I always feel like my skin is nicer after a good, hard exercise. Almost like I am sweating out the bad stuff. Hope some of this helps. 🙂

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