I Have a Dog!!!

Malachi is our newest addition to the family AND my newest pupil.  After passing his CGC test he will be trained to be a psychiatric service dog.

He came to us after his owner was evicted and could not care for him.  He knew we had a fondness for Malachi and offered him to us.  He came to that owner as a stray.  He is anywhere from 3-8 years old.   He is housebroken and has a very mild manner, which makes hims perfect for service work.
Yes, I am currently living two dreams right now.  I finally have the dog I have been wanting for years now, and I get to work on training him for something beyond basic obedience.  I’m feeling pretty grateful right now.

Meet Malachi

Meet Malachi


2 responses to “I Have a Dog!!!

  1. He kinda looks a bit evil from the photos, but i think that comes from a lot more light falling on one eye as opposed to the other! Congratulations!! Did you have to choose which one you wanted to take in, the owner or the dog? Malachi… that’s probably also a country or town in Africa…?

    • Haha! It’s funny, because if you look at him on the side where his dark eye is, he looks all sad and puppy-eyed. But if you look at him from the blue -eyed side, he does look a bit evil. lol
      And there would have been no contest between the guy and the dog. lol. The dog is awesome, the guy was just…strange.

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